The Croods Game info
the croods game version: 1.2.0
Number of levels: 21
Last Updated on: June 6, 2013
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

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Archive for redeem code

While the Croods game for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad as well for android devices is taking off and gaining some popularity, in this occasion Rovio (the creator of the game) have decided to offer free Crystals for the croods players. At the moment there are 4 packs of crystals are made for sale which are:
A pile of Crystals which costs £2.99 (features as most popular),
a small pouch of Crystals costs £10.79,
a Big bag of crystals costs £10.99
and Huge box of crystals which costs £39.99 (features as a best value). Today Rovio is offering a free pile of crystals which contains 220 crystals. This can be claimed using a redeem code for free crystals “GREATDAY”. Read More→

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