The Croods Game info
the croods game version: 1.2.0
Number of levels: 21
Last Updated on: June 6, 2013
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

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The Croods update The Croods game update 1.3.0 was just released today 1st of October to Android players after a long wait of approximately 4 month. This is considered as the third major update of the Croods game since  June.  s. Initially the update was released on Google play and hopefully will be made available to Apple iOS users in a week or so.  This time Rovio have added new creatures, decoration items in the game as well as increasing the number of levels. Most of players were maxed out  on level 21, where now 4 levels were added (the last level now in the Croods game is 25). Read More→

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The Croods game is one of the best and promising freemium games made by Rovio, is family friendly animated adventure with great graphics, and sound effects.  The game was made available for   both mobile platforms Android and Apple iOS and is available for download on Google Play, AppStore and Amazon.  On its first release back in March, the game has gained a great popularity and the players really hooked up.  Indeed the game is really fan and was well made, there is now doubt about this. However many players were maxed up quickly since the current maximum level is 21, aiming to to get more levels in the upcoming updates. Since then  Rovio have  released couple of updates since The Croods  was released but no new levels were added, apart from the addition of  new features like adding friends,  and some decoration items to boost the XP.     Read More→

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Gran in the Croods game

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Gran is the oldest character in the Croods family, she is Ugga’s mother and of course Grug’s mother in law. She has a gray hair, big nose and only one tooth, and she holds her cane with her all the time. Her main task in the Croods game is to guide you thoroughly in order to complete  the required tasks (quests). Gran stands next to the cave all the time shaking her cane with one hand  and rubbing  her big nose with the other hand. If you tap her, a pop-up window  of  “Gran’s Chores” appears, with the following message addressed to Grug: “Make yourself useful, you hairy oaf!“. You can eventually  see all  the required quests you need to complete at each stage, where the list of Gran’s Chores gets updated every time you complete the given quests. Also, each time you complete one quest, you notice a treasure box floating over Gran’s head. In fact Gran rewards you,  the  rewards are in form of coins and XP.  The rewards vary from one quest to an other. As you level up you will unlock more quests and the reward increases. Read More→


The cave in the Croods game

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The Cave is the storage system in the Croods game, it is stone-made and is located in the north west  (top left) area in the map next to the taming space.   The Croods can  store all  their  harvested food and earned goods including  berries, carrots, stones, and soup (made by Ugga), as well as many more items (you will get access to more items as you level up and you unlock more animals).   However,  there is a capacity limit on how much items you can store in it, which varies from one item to another. If the Cave gets full, you will get a message “Cave Full! Not enough room for (item you want to store) in crease your storage”. And if you want to  get the information about the  current status of the cave you just need to tap on it and a pop-up menu will appear, with all the required information. Read More→

We noticed recently that many players of the Croods game are not aware about the new feature added by Rovio in version 1.2.0. In order to reinforce the SOCIAL aspect of the game, Rovio mentioned it clearly in this update (1.2.0) that if a player visits his neighbor or friends’ worlds will automatically earn extra resources. The reward in this case is a pack of 5 free crystals per friend. This means that the more friends you have the more free crystals you will get on daily basis. Moreover, according to Rovio you should get a reward every 24 hours, but in this update it seems like there is a bug or a glitch so you can get free Crystals every 12 hours by visiting your friends and neighbors. Read More→

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Wild Animals in the Croods game

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At the current version of the Croods game there are 11 wild animals you can tame:

Molarbear: It feeds on Berry Bush and produces Carrots. It unlocks at level 1.

Bunny Beast: It feeds on Carrots and produces Stones. It unlocks at level 2.

Bear Owl: It feeds on Berry Bush and produces Coins. It unlocks at level 3. Read More→

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Decorations in the Croods Game

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Since the release of version 1.1.0  of the Croods game in  May 2, 2013 , all animals have their own favorite decorations. It’s just like another iOS game “My Singing Monsters” where you place decors near the monsters and they start liking them, and i.e. become happy. However, in The Croods, the animals not only like them but also get a speed boost of 5% for each and every favorite decoration of theirs. What this means is that they produce goods 5% faster when their favorite decoration is placed near them. Each animal has three favorite decorations worth 5% each, that’s 15% speed boost in total. Read More→

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Taming Animals in the Croods

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Since the Croods Game is based on hunting and taming, then it is important to understand the whole  process.  Firstly you need to send Grug to the  jungle where the animals can be found the you need to put a trap. Traps cost money, and often have side requirements like a few stones, fruits, bones etc. Traps get built instantaneously, there’s no waiting time there. You can also evolve the traps to boost luring luck so that the trapped animal doesn’t escape when you try to put wooden bars next to it. Traps can be evolved three times. After successfully catching an animal, Grug will put it in a wooden pen.  Read More→

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Just a few days ago, Rovio released an update (version 1.2.1) of The Croods and added new content and social integration to the game.

The main changes are:

  1. New creature Ramu, dubbed as the movie’s angriest bird. He feeds on bones to produce eggs.
  2. You can visit and inspect your friends’ homes to find small rewards in the shape of XP, crystals, berries, stones, coins and so on.
  3. Level up costs, prices in general of in-game items, production time of goods, and evolution time of animals has been reduced. The size of decoration items has also been reduced. Read More→

a. Building Traps in the Croods game:

Tap the ancient hammer icon on the lower left corner of your screen, a submenu will open with options like Traps, Homes and Decorations; thereafter choose the appropriate trap from the Traps menu for the respective animal. You can’t make miss because each trap shows a picture of the animal whose trap you wish to build. Read More→